Was this scene meant the way it came off, as Carrie handling Quinn? She starts of angry, defensive and accusatory. When that approach doesn’t get him to back down, she stops, takes a breath and changes her tone completely. She soften up a little and thanks him, in a way that also reminds him what she’s been put through. He softens immediately as a result, seems effected by what she said, and gives in. As far as Carrie knows Quinn wasn’t on it until now. He genuinely thought they were screwing her over and was going along with it. Is this Carrie being Carrie, saying what she needed to and being whatever she needed to get her way? Under normal circumstance I’d say yes completely based on her character and how this scene plays out. Or this more inconsistent writing? I’m going give the writers the benefit of the doubt and go with handling him which would be in character as opposed to bad writing. I hate that they seem to messing with this aspect of the show that I honestly feel it could be either one. 

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    I don’t think it’s fair to say that I’m not willing to engage in discussion of this show when about half of HYH is...
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    I mean, I think it’s fairly clear that on some level you are not a fan of Peter’s character or of his growing...
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    Did they want to think us to see it the way it came off, as Carrie handling Quinn? Or did they want us to believe she...
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