Claire Danes for Glamour by Norman Jean Roy (January 2014)

It’s not like before, Saul. I saw his suicide tape. My eyes are open. How could they not be?

Brody: You still have your twisted theories about me, don’t you?
Carrie: Not theories anymore.

Carrie: I was right.
Saul: You were right.

I was right.

carrie mathison - she’s intense by rachelkillers (season 1)

I asked myself over and over, from the moment I knew what I’ve gone through - the hardships, self-abnegation - to lure me in… Why? Why would anyone do that to themselves? Why would you? And I think I know now. It was always about him. That’s what you care about. Maybe the only thing. 

Everyone sees him through your eyes now.

T h e  S t a r


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